Where did the time go ????

August 31, 2009

My oldest son Devyn turned 5 this month.. and officially started Kindergarten today. Last wednesday he had his first Sneak Peak day which also allowed him to ride the bus for the first time. He was “cool” – I was a nervous wreck. After all he is my baby, right?

Devyn is such a peanut – the backpack appeared HUGE on him, it was too cute. I was worried he would fall backwards with that big bag when it came to climbing into the bus, but he did just fine.
The moment the doors of the schoolbus closed, I can across the neighbors yard to my car …. yesssss I followed the bus.
Of course he did just fine and looked at me surprised when I appeared at school, just before he walked in.

Oh.. to explain the pictures:
Ifollowed a german tradition …. for the very first day of school the children in germany get “cones” filled with small goodies (small toys, pens, crayons, stickers…) We take them to school, get pictures taken and then are allowed to open them at the end of the schoolday. It’s very special for the kids over there.

Well, for my own first day of school my dad had made me a “Schultuete” rather than buying one. I remember being so proud because mine was so much nicer than everybody elses.

When Devyn’s first day started approaching I decided to make one for Devyn as well.. one that is just like my own was (minus the pink and princess stickers).

My dad drew up instructions for me and emailed them to me. I got right to work and made a second, smaller one for Luke, my 2 year old as well. The kids were having a blast. I didnt let Devyn take it to school though since I knew the other kids wouldnt have one.


Geeeez…. are there any babies out there that are NOT cute? I had another one of those cuties come to my studio yesterday. She was the easiest going little thing and just tooooo cute! Look for yourself

I took Christine and Fred’s engagement pictures about a year ago.. before they were officially engaged. When it became official and a date was set, I was happpy when they contacted me about wedding photography.

The wedding was a nice and cozy morning wedding. The ceremony started at 10.30am at Hope Presbyterian Church in Arbutus. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony, held in both, Hebrew and english. The Grooms daughter sang a song for the Christine and Fred. Listening to her beautiful voice and watching Christine sobbing made me choke up as well. It was beautiful.

After the ceremony everyone went over to the Elkridge Furnace in for the Reception. It was all set up nice and cozy, perfect for an early wedding. The food was a gorgeous variety of all kinds of breakfast foods.

This was definitely a one of a kind wedding. I have never seen a wedding held in such a relaxed setting.

Below a few of their pictures

Meet Ella

August 22, 2009

This little Ms. Cuteness just turned one year old. I thought it was hilarious that she HATED being topless in a tutu. She also wasnt so sure about indulging into this heavenly cake for breakfast. I had a great time taking her pictures, she is just too cute!

I think the title sais it all….