Meghann and Chae were married in October of 2008 and decided to Trash The Dress in Ocean City, MD.

I was excited, not only have I been wanting to do a Trash The Dress up there, but it also ended up becoming my husbands and my first overnight get away without children in 5 years!

In the days leading up to the shoot, both Meghann and I probably checked the weather report 100 times a day… and it did not look so good. It was supposed to rain quite a lot (expected 1-2 inches of rain). We knew we would do the shoot rain or shine, but of course we hoped for no rain.

Well, I have no idea how we got this lucky but we got as lucky as we could possibly get. The session was planned for noon (so the amusement park would be open) and it had rained all morning. It still sprinkled while my husband and I waited in front of the hotel and it stopped the second – and I mean literally – Meghann and Chae stepped out of the hotel. Not only was it not raining anymore, but the clouds in the sky made for the most amazing lighting and background!! I was in my little 7th photographer heaven!!

My sweet husband walked right behind us the entire time, carrying a crapload of stuff. I love him!!

Chae was such a great sport. I know that most guys are really not into this picture thing, but he was in it for the good and better 😉

The two of them certainly were the attraction of the Boardwalk. Lots of Congratulations and questions if they just got married. A few skeptical looks about Meghann dragging her dress across the Boardwalk.
But the best reaction came from a lady that watched Meghann get into the Ocean. Her mouth dropped wide open, she put her hand in front of her mouth in shock and just stood there like this, frozen, for a good minute or two. It was priceless!!

Meghann and Chae, I had SO much fun with you guys. Enjoy your images!!!


Angie and Tony (Entry 2) won the Engagement Story Contest. Congrats to the both of you!! I will be in touch to schedule your free session with you!

Big Thank You to the other two contestants as well. Everyone has such a great story!

Keep Checking in, I will be running more Contests in the Future…

My studio has been going through a Baby Boom lately and I am loving every second of it.

This adorable little 1 week “old” is Brooke. Makes me ALMOST want a baby again… ALMOST! Nah, not really .. I am done, haha but she surely is adorable!!!

Remember Melissa and Wesley, the handsome couple from a few posts down? Well I had the pleassure to work with the family again.
This time it was Wesley’s siter, Erin’s turn to get married.

Her and Keith had their ceremony in the Haebler Memorial Chapel on the Goucher College Campus in Towson. This may very well have been the darkest church I have worked in, but it was certainly a very nice church. The dimn light gave it all a nice atmosphere.

The Reception took place at the Eastern Yacht Club in Essex. Gorgeous Place! The entire family is full of dance lovers … everyone had a blast dancing!!

To me this wedding was extra special as everyone made me feel like part of the family, since I had just seen everyone a few weeks ago.

Erin and Keith, you both have an amazing family and your wedding was wonderful. Best of Luck to the both of you!

In my contest info post I said that I will pick 3 stories to put up for vote. Well, when I read all of the stories I just didnt have the heart to pick, so I wrote the bride’s names on a piece of paper, put it in a jar and drew 3 names. Below the 3 stories that were picked.

I want to thank everyone that entered their story. Every single story was so cute!! I will be running contests in the future, so if you didnt make it this time, there will be more chances!! Thank You!!!!

Below the 3 entries you will see the link that get’s you to the Poll. Please make sure you vote for your favorite story!!
Voting will be open until Sunday, September 27th.


Entry 1:

So our engagement story goes a little something like this…….

In the almost 2 years that Chad and I had been dating he had been
anti-marriage. I thought I could sucker him in with the whole common law
thing 🙂 Little did I know that anti-marriage talk was just a ruse. Two
months prior to Chad proposing to me, my little sorority sister announced
her engagement. I went out to dinner with her and came home ranting and
raving about her ring and how goregous it is/was. Chad didn’t even seem to
notice, but he is a guy, I figured it didn’t matter.

About a week before Chad proposed we were down visiting my little sorority
sister. Another one of my sorority sisters had recently become engaged, and
like girls do, we were all just ooing and awing over her ring. Chad made a
comment about the cut, shape, and size of the diamond. It threw me off for a
moment thinking, “wow, he sure knows a lot about diamonds”, but I am so
naive I didn’t even think past that.

A week later we had gone out for my birthday/2 year anniversary. A bunch of
our friends came, which was awesome. I thought everyone was coming out to
celebrate my birthday. I was excited! We went to Howl at the Moon, because
Chad knows I just ADORE that place. Anywhere you can sing Billy Joel,
Journey, and Van Halen in the same night is a GREAT place for me 🙂 My
downfall that evening was the buckets. A bucket of margarita, a bucket of
some blue concoction that tasted like the heavens, etc. Let’s just say I was
feeling pretty good. Again, let me stress, I thought I was there for my
birthday festivities. I had no clue what Chad had in store. All I know is,
as I began to feel loopy and started dancing with Santa Claus, everyone told
me to sit down and take a breather. I was having fun! The only person I was
willing to listen to was Chad. So he told me to slow down and I did (thank

At midnight they brought me up on stage for my “birthday song”. I was
sitting on the piano dancing my little heart out, not even anticipating what
was going to happen next. As the song wrapped up, I was told not to hop off
the piano. Instead, I was told that “someone special was going to serende
me”. In my head I was thinking, OMG if Cher is here and is going to sing for
me, this will be THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. However, it wasn’t Cher, it was
Chad (even better in my mind 🙂 ). When Chad grabbed the mic and got on
stage, I noticed he was crying. Then I looked over and my roomate was
crying. Then I began to panic. “OMG what is going on?” was all I could

Chad began the proposal something like this….

“Babe, I’ve been lying to you these past two weeks. Jenee and I weren’t
really looking for TVs.” (Here is where my OMG turns into OMG I am going to
kick both of your a#@es when we are done here!). He went on to say how we
have survived so much, etc. all the while I am still fuming thinking that
this was one hell of a way to tell me you slept with my roomate and/or you
were breaking up with me. Then he got down on his knee. Now the confusion
sets in. Being the person that I am, all I could say outloud at that moment
was “Is this a joke?” Romantic, I know. My couthness is one of the reasons
he loves me lol. So as Chad is sitting there on his knee crying, and I am
processing that ohhhhh you and Jenee weren’t looking at TVs because you were
buying a ring, ohhhh I forget to say that one little important word. The
piano guy had to ask me because I think all were dying to know and because I
think Chad’s knee was starting to hurt. He was down there for awhile! So of
course I said yes and of course we are living happily ever after!


Entry 2:

A walk to remember….

It was mine and Tony’s second night in Mexico. We had just finished dinner and Tony
asked me if I wanted to take a walk. He took me out to the beach and it
was ust the two of us out there. Tony and I go on walks often, he knows that I
enjoy long walks and love evening strolls on the beach so this was nothing unusual.
It was nice for us to be alone; holding hands as we walked, listening to the waves,
enjoying the ocean breeze and admiring the starry sky. It was just one of those
perfect summer nights. A little into our walk, I asked Tony if he wanted to write
in the sand. With a very strange look on his face, he said “Ok.” I started to
write and Tony walked a little down the beach and began writing. I finished and
walked over to him to see what he had written. As I approached, I could see a huge
smile on his face. Tony walked over to me and was now standing behind me. I looked
down and he had written very big “Will you marry me?” At that moment a huge wave
came and erased the writing. I thought to myself; was that what I read, is he
really proposing?? So I quickly turned around and there he was, he was down on one
knee with a ring in his hand. It was how I had always imagined it and here I was
standing on a secluded beach in Mexico, on a beautiful night with the waves crashing
at my feet and the man I love was proposing. It was so simple but yet so
beautiful. I had just received my perfect proposal.

Later, Tony told me that he wanted so much to propose on the beach and to write it
in the sand. However, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to because I would be
standing right next to him as he wrote it and he did not want that. He decided not
to plan the proposal but to propose when the moment was right. Tony took the ring
to dinner but wasn’t sure if he was even going to propose that evening. When I
asked him to write in the sand, he said he just started smiling because he knew
this was it, it was the perfect moment.

So in the end, we both got our perfect proposal.


Entry 3:

I met Paul on eharmony. He noticed me first I had a lot of matches and didn’t
really notice Paul until I was home sick one day from work. I had been working a
ton of hours and couldn’t believe I missed this really great guy. I responded to
him with the first set of questions and he responded back by requesting we go right
to email. We quickly started talking on the phone in a matter of a few days. We
decided to meet that Saturday. He lives on one side of the bay bridge I live on the
other we thought we should meet in Annapolis. I decided to check out new cars that
morning and ended up buying a truck and was late, he ended up making it to Columbia
where we ended up meeting. We went to lunch at Clyde’s and walked around the lake
and talked and really got to know each other. It was the perfect first date.

Fast forward into our relationship…We had spoken about getting engaged but both
wanted to sell our houses before we made that step so I wasn’t expecting anything.
It was going to be a nice weekend and he suggested we go back to where we had our
first date just because that Saturday. I thought it was a great idea. Friday night
comes and we go dancing. We were slow dancing to Brad Paisley ‘Then’. The song
mentions how he takes her back to where they first met and he proposes. And I joked
and said ‘Honey that is like us but not really because you aren’t going to propose.’
Well I was wrong he did. We were walking around the lake and it was a beautiful
day and we stopped by a bench and he turned me around got down on his knee and asked
me to marry him. I was in shock I kept saying ‘Really?’ ‘Are you serious?’ Then I
realized I needed to say YES!

I thought it was so special he proposed where we had our first date, and ‘Then’ is
going to be our first dance.



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Idara and Enebong had their wedding Ceremony and Reception at the beautiful Tremont Grande, downtown Baltimore.

The ceremony started an hour later than planned, at 7pm. I loved that Engebong didnt walk, but danced down the aisle!

There was a lot of dancing involved into this Ceremony and Reception. The mother son and father daughter dance were not your traditional slow dances but more of a celebrations style fun dance. The family is Nigerian, so some of their Traditions were mixed in.

Below a few of their images (aren’t Idara’s shoes adorable??)

Lauren and Mike were married in Hagerstown on a beautiful sunny september afternoon. I am always so happy for my couples if the weather is a hit! Having been a bride myself a few years ago, I remember the weather forecast stalking and hoping hoping hoping. So yayyyy, for a beautiful day!

Newborn Session – meet Liam!

September 18, 2009

This adorable little baby boy was such a mellow little guy, I just loved him! Even when he wasnt sleeping, he was just comfortably looking at the very annoying flash that kept going off above him 🙂

Oh, and to op it off.. he did not pee or poop while he was naked. The chance of that happening is like the chance of hitting the lottery, haha

Isnt he just too cute?

If you scroll a couple of entries down, you will see all the info on the Contest that I am running. Please submit your Engagement Story by september 20th. You do not have to be a Bride or Groom of mine, anybody can enter!

Good Luck everyone!!

I have said it before and can only say it again.. the kids that have been coming to my studio are just the cutest kids ever!!! I mean, just look at this little guy! He could be a child model, couldnt he? One of these adorable little kids on the Parenting magazines?