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Hi Kate!

December 14, 2009

Kate was here only about 4 month ago. This cute little thing with no hair, naked it my silver bucket 🙂 I was excited to see her back for Holiday Portraits. She is still as cute as she was with such a sweet personality. So much fun!

I have taken Leah’s pictures a few times before, the last time she was 9 month old. Now she is already 18 month old.. wow, she had grown so much!!

At first she was happy and cheesin’ but after a little incident of her falling over with a chair she changed her mind about the whole thing and wouldnt stop crying from there. We took her upstairs for a few minutes and in my living room she was happily playing with my kids toys. So eventually we just moved the session into my living room.. haha. Certainly not planned, but hey, it worked!

*Disclaimer: Sorry I have no idea why the gallery loaded twice

Welcome back Brooke

December 9, 2009

This cutie pie was here right after she was born. Now she is 3 month old and I was excited to see her back for pictures. This little girl just doesnt take a bad picture, she is so gorgeous!!

Paige is 1 !!!

December 3, 2009

Paige is a special little girl to me as I claim that I may have something to do with her being born when she was. Probably all just a huge coincidence, but anyway… 🙂
Her mom and dad came to me for maternity pictures (Danielle was 37 weeks along). Within 2 or so hours after the session, Danielle’s water broke. Paige was born the next day.

Just a week after the maternity pictures they were back for newborn pictures. And then again when she was just around 6 month old.

Now this gorgeous little lady is one year old!! She was tired and cranky during the session and STILL looks adorable. Just look at these eyes!!

And ya think she liked her cake??

Kristin and Terry just recently bought a very old house in Baltimore and renovated it. They did an amazing job on it!!

Anyway… right behind their house happens to be this old mill that was just perfect for an urban feel TTD session. I had never heared of this place before but I am sure I’ll be back!!

My last wedding of 2009, it has been an amazing year. And an amazing couple to finish this season with.

A couple of years ago I photographed Kristin’s sister’s wedding and I was thrilled when Kristin contacted me to photograph her wedding. I love this entire family, everyone is so sweet and fun. Her parents are wonderful (her dad always cracks me up… his speach actually had me in tears laughing)

The Ceremony was a catholic mass, held at St Thomas Aquinas Church in Baltimore. After the Ceremony we drove up to Federall Hill Park for some fun shots with the Bridal Party.. and we made it JUST in time before the sun went down.

The Reception took place at the beautiful Valley Country Club in Towson. The DJ (Brad, the owner of Luciano Entertainment) had the crowd dancing all night. It was lots of fun.

I met with Kristin and Terry the next morning for a TTD session.. but that’s a different Blog 😉

I have been taking pictures of Avery since she was a little baby with no hair. She has always been just the cutest little thing, I always love her facial expressions and just her character. Her and my youngest son were born exactly one week apart in the same hospital.

Well Avery was back a few days ago and she is as cute as ever. After the shoot we let our kids play for a while and they gave eachother hugs – it was so adorable. Avery is a very passionate hugger and I think Luke thought a couple of times he was being strangled.. haha. When he saw me working on her pictures he pointed to her and said – “pushed me” Ahhh, that’s young love 😉

Sleeping Beauty

December 2, 2009

Brayden was here for pictures a few month ago and already then he was such a charmer. All smiles and just too cute.

This time around he fell asleep on the ride here, apparently just as they pulled onto my street. His mommy just scooped him up and brought him down to my studio without him ever waking up. I made a little cozy spot for him right on the backdrop and flashed away. We rolled him back and forth, tugging his hands here and there and he slept through it all. It was too cute.

When he finally woke up he went from sleeping angel to ebergizer bunny within 30 seconds. It was hilarious. He just popped his head up, looked around and off he went. I had a great time!