What can I say about Jen and Jake other than they are just awesome!!! I love me a couple that likes to goof around, make funny faces and just be silly. Jen and Jake are one of these couples!

Their wedding was taking place at Riverdale in Lancaster, PA. Wow, what a beautiful place!!!

This wedding is a perfect example that not everything has to be perfect to turn out perfect.

The week before the wedding I had come down with bronchitis. The day before the wedding the doc added a sinus infection and ear infection to it. Can I just say Hallelujah Antibiotics??!!

The day off I left my house plenty early to allow enough time to drive out there. Well turns out there was some truck overturned on the bridge into Lancaster and 30 was a parking lot. NOTHING was moving. Thanks to my amazing husband (see two Blogs down) I did a U-turn on the Highway to go back the other way and he was on the phone with me the whole time, explaining where to go. It was moving super slow, because everyone else had the same idea, but at least it was moving. Phew!!

Finally I made it there and was so excited to see the location. It really is super pretty out there.

The Ceremony was one of a kind as well. Everything was perfect, sunny, beautiful. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the ceremony this wind just came on, blowing so hard that the venue had to close the Pavilion on one side. Luckily Jen thought it was hilarious and was cracking up. It just added a lot of fun to the ceremony. They went on as if nothing happened (people covered in flower petals.. haha) and as they started singing a song the wind stopped as sudden as it came and the sun was back out as if nothing ever happened. It was bizarre. I can not remember the words that were being said but the wind and the sun seemed to come and go on cue.

The Reception was a lot of fun as well. Jen and Jake had chosen cupcakes as their wedding cake with a cake top that was to be their anniversary cake. The cupcakes looked amazing.

Jen also had a surprise grooms cake for Jake that he completely loved (just look at his facial expression)

Jen and Jake, I had so much fun with you guys and hope to see you again sometime in the future!


Look who came back!

April 19, 2010

Little Jaelyn is 3 month old (ehhhh young I mean). I got to take her pictures when she was still in her mommy’s tummy in the form of maternity pictures and have since also taken her newborn pictures.

Today she came back for her 3 month pictures and O-M-G is that girl cute. Not only is she as beautiful as can be but her entire personality is just so happy and sweet. I am in love!

Here a few shots of this little princess…

I am so so grateful to have the most amazing job ever. I love what I do with all my heart. I get to meet so many wonderful people and get to give them memories that they can cherish forever.

To photograph a wedding is not just a job to me, it’s an honor. I get to be part of the most important day in these couples lives. I get to be there through the tears and laughter, the start of their marriage!

But what I love the most …. it makes me cherish my own marriage more with every wedding I witness. I get to listen to the minister speak, giving wonderful advise to the bride and groom. I take it all in and think to myself how right these ministers are. How much I can take away from this ceremony and apply to my own marriage.
Just yesterday a minister said” “Wake up every morning thinking ‘what can I do today to show my spouse that I love them’ ” To me this little sentence is genius. So simple and yet so important. I certainly will remind myself of this sentence every morning from now on. One little gesture can tell more than a million words. It’s that simple!

I am watching and listening to the wedding ceremonies, thinking to myself how lucky I am to have married the most wonderful man for me. He is compassionate, loving, a hard worker, great father and so much more. He gets up at 4am every day to go to work and still comes home to help me with the dinner dishes or fold laundry. He tells me that he loves me and that I am beautiful countless times each and every day.

I love watching the new husbands and wifes during their wedding reception. Watching their first dance, their hugs, their love for eachother …. it’s it so wonderful to watch this and know that I have such an amazing partner in my live as well, one that I love and cherish just as much as these newlywed couples love eachother.

I am grateful to each and everyone of my brides and grooms to allow me to be part of their special day and realize over and over again what a lucky woman I am.

David, this blog is for you. In the 7 years of our marriage we have had our ups and downs, and yet you are still the man I want to grow old with. You are amazing, my best friend, my soul mate.
I love you with all my heart!!