Maddie was soooooo cooperative. We could move her back and forth, turn her around, turn her some more, pick her back up, put her back down.. and she was just as content as can be.
Welcome to the world Maddie, I hope to see you back soon!!


You may know Kate by now. This cute little girl that knows how to make me laugh. This time I was laughing tears, she is too cute. Her dance moves are TV worthy 😉

It seems like yesterday that I photographed Carey and Todd’s wedding. Their little baby boy Landon was born during the last of the crazy blizzards we had. I took his pictures only a few weeks after he was born and was thrilled to see him back for his 3 month pictures.
With my crazy schedule right now I was almost not able to get them in but we managed it after all

To make it even more exciting.. Landon rolled over for the very first time during this photoshoot… and the best part of it ON MOTHERSDAY!! Wohoooo, now that little boy sure knows how to please his mommy!

Landon was a happy little camper that morning and smiling so much. I just love it when the little ones smiles so big, that you can get a good view on their tonsils.. haha

I have known Megan for about 3 years now I would say. I used to go to the gym (yes seriously!) and she worked at the gym daycare and watched my son while I claimed to work out. Well I liked her right away and usually I spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill and then another hour and a half chatting in the daycare room. That’s how I met Megan.

How can I describe Megan …. she is always smiling, silly, positive, a breath of fresh air. That’s what I love about her, she just makes me happy when I am around her.

Well, back when we started talking at the gym she already had this boyfriend that I never got a chance to meet. He was deployed a lot and I knew she missed him terribly.

In between two deployments, on Megans birthday party at Howl at the Moon in Baltimore, Chad proposed. Megan was one happy girl (and Chad one darn lucky guy). And I STILL hadnt met him.

So, Chad is back now from his deployment, the wedding is on june 26th in Ocean City (OMG I can not wait!!!!) and I wanted to give them both engagement pictures as a gift.

We met on a Friday morning and drove to the Inner Harbor. We started out at Howl at the Moon and then walked around the Harbor, to Federal Hill and back. It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun. Megan and Chad are those kinda people that go with all my crazy ideas 🙂

Megan and Chad, I am super happy for you guys and wish you a wonderful live together. I am so excited to be shooting your wedding and can’t wait!!

Love you Megan and Chad, it was great to finally meet you. About time!!

Another session at Sherwood Gardens … two days in a row but can’t waste those beautiful flowers, right?

Alexandra and Ashley are 2 year old twins. They are just too cute. Ashley (the one with the lighter hair) is obsessed with orange so we were happy to find a few orange tulips as well a orange line drawn on the ground.. haha

I had a great time with these two girls

Lyra is 2!

May 3, 2010

I took Lyra’s pictures almost a year ago and she has since become a big sister and grown like a weed. But she is as cute as ever.

I met with them at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, a beautiful public flower garden. With everything being in full bloom, it was the perfect timing, and the weather was gorgeous!!