I think this was only my second time that I arrived at a venue, the day of the wedding without ever having met the bride. Allison’s mom was the one to meet with me initially so I was excited to finally get to meet Allison and Denny.

The wedding took place at Chase Court, a small little gem in the heart of Baltimore City. It was a very warm but beautiful sunny day. I LOVED the bridal room at Chase Court. The set up and colors were just awesome.

And the cake… wow, the cake. I loved the colors and style… so unique. Everything was gorgeous.

Allison and Denny, it was a pleasure being part of your big day. I wish you lots of luck and love on your journey as husband and wife!


Trashing that Dress!!!

June 23, 2010

Yayyyy, I got to favorite one of my favorite people again. I took Aaren’s Boudoir pictures about 2 years ago and was amazed by how natural she acts around the camera. Her hands, her poses, everything just comes natural to her. I had so much fun taking her pictures.
I then also photographed the Rehearsal dinner, the day before her wedding.

Then, a few month ago she emailed me out of a blue about TTD pics. I was so excited. I love TTD pics anyway but combining that with her natural ability to move for the camera.. that was just awesome!!

The day off her and her husband came to my house to get ready. As she was about to get into her dress she realized that the lace was missing. Can you say “Uh Oh!!!”

I dug around my house and remember that I had just bought ribbon for my candy making box. It was yellow ribbon but who cares, right? It worked!! And the yellow actually looked really cute. It held up the entire time, thankfully!!!

Aaren had talked her husband Robert into taking a few pictures with her and he was a great sport, but the majority of the images was just her.

Aaren, you guys need to hurry up and have babies so I can see you again 🙂

Emily and Danny got hitched on June 5th 2010 at the beautiful St. Johns Lutheran Church in Linthicum, MD. Maybe I am a little biased because my son went to preschool there, but I was excited to work there!

The Coctail Hour and Reception took place at the Sheraton BWI…. everything was done very nicely.

The day of the wedding it was hot but gorgeous outside. The reports called for rain later in the day but we never saw a drop. It was pretty windy which made it a lot more comfortable to be outside.

I loved loved LOVED the bouquets that Emily had chosen. The yellow was just soooooo gorgeous!! I also loved Emily’s Mermaid style dress. It looked amazing on her!!

The entire day was a blast.

Congratulations Emily and Danny! Here is to many years of married bliss!!

Vanessa and Mario are both from hispanic descent. I was very excited about this wedding as I am a huge fan of hispanic culture and music. I have been dancing Salsa for a good 13 years and was living and breathing the whole latino lifestyle when I was still living in germany.

The wedding day turned out to be a beautiful sunny day! Unfortunately the limo was over 30 minutes late to pick Vanessa up from her house so she was forced to get dressed while waiting for the limo instead of at the church, where I was waiting for her.

When she got there all the girls went in the back for the final touches and then it was time for the Ceremony to begin. After the Ceremony we took a few minutes for some pictures. Poor Mario had to be tortured as he really was not into this whole picture thing, but he made it through 🙂

The Reception took place at the Towson Golf and Country Club, a very pretty location if I may say and everyone was having a great time.

My highlight of the day: I got to dance a Salsa with Vanessa 🙂

Vanessa and Mario, I wish you all the Best for the future, many happy years and healthy babies 🙂

Rachel and Aaron

June 1, 2010

May 15, 2010 was Rachel and Aaron’s big day.. and what a beautiful day it was!! The weather was perfect! Sunny, not to warm, not too cold, no humidity. It was a day like out of a fairytale.

We started with pictures of the getting ready process at Rachel’s parents house in Reading, PA. Her parents are just soooo nice, I was tempted to ask if they would consider adopting, me, haha. But seriously, what a nice family!!!

After everyone was dressed we headed over to the church. The ceremony was emotional beautiful and full of tears and Rachel’s nephews and niece did such a wonderful job helping during the ceremony.

Afterwards we stayed for some family portraits and then drove over to the Penn State Campus for more pictures with the bridal party. The Campus has some really pretty spots!!

Ones all the pictures were taken care of, it was time to go to the Reception at Reading Artworks. The evening was so much fun, lot’s of dancing and laughter. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Oh, on a sidenote… Rachel used to be a professional ballerina (until it became clear that it wouldn’t pay the bills in the long run…) but doesn’t she just look like a ballerina? Good thing Aaron is a very handsome guy or he would have a hard time keeping up with his beautiful wife 🙂

Aaron and Rachel, it was awesome to be part of your wedding day. You guys are awesome and I wish you all the best! And Rachel, one day I want to see you dance!!