Remember my recent Blog about my friend Megan’s Beach Wedding in Ocean City? If so, then I am sure you remember the very pregnant bridesmaid in some of the pictures…. well that was Michelle.

Michelle gave birth to little Jackson one week early, on july 24th. I was excited when she contacted me about pictures.

Well, when we started the session the poor little guy was feeling miserable. He must have had terrible gas, he was crying hysterically (the first picture pretty much summarizes that session, haha)

So I suggested that we just call it quits for that day and try again a few days later when he feels better. And so we did….

The second attempt went SO much better, he was a little angel!!

Congratulations Michelle and Michael!


Cristin is my friend Irene’s daughter. She is the cutest little thing ever.. but I may be a little biased because I watched her coming into this world, so she is extra special to me!!

From the day that I found out that Irene was pregnant, I was looking forward to the time that her child will be 6 month old. It is my favorite stage to take baby pics because they can sit and just show so much personality.

Well, Cristin is sitting like a Champ now so kept telling Irene to stop by for some shots… here a few of them

I love TTD session. They are so much fun and really allow me to play around with angles and crazy locations.

When Stacy contacted me about Trash The Dress pictures I was excited to shoot them. At first we planned on going to Mt Vernon but she changed her mind and decided on my favorite – Patapsco State Park.

Her plan was to get some fun shots, allow the dress to get a little dirty, but not let the silk get wet. So in the water she just picked up her dress and we still got some really neat shots that way.

She came to my house first where I did her Make Up and we got her into her dress. Her Husband was with her to help out but did not want to be in the shots. The poor man had just gotten home from night shift and only napped for maybe 1 hour. Once she was all ready we drove up to my favorite spot in the park and got started.

20 minutes into it, she did decide to give me the scare of a lifetime though. It was about 100 degrees that morning (no kidding!) and she said later she hadn’t eaten or drank. Well, 20 minutes into the session all out of a sudden she started seeing stars and was about to pass out. She sat down and her husband ran back to the car to get the sodas and ice they brought, while I frantically tried to open up her corset. The problem was that after the corset was closed, there was a zipper on top and then a long row of little buttons. So in order to get back to the corset I had to get everything else open. Whew… made it in time though and she started feeling better.. and once she had something to drink she was good to keep going. What a trooper!

Oh and I looooved how she posed for the camera. According to her husband she likes watching America’s next Top Model 🙂 It certainly showed in her moves, wow!

Stacy, I had a great time out there!

Caroline and Kevin are such a cute couple. I think I mentioned before that I just LOVE when the man is a lot taller than the woman so she has to get on her tippy toes to kiss him. It is just too cute!!

I was out with the two of them a few month ago to take engagement pictures and we had a wonderful time. I couldn’t wait for the big day to arrive!!

The wedding ceremony took place at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore. The Campus is gorgeous and so is the chapel. I just loved it.

Caroline and her bridesmaids got ready in a Suite at the Tremont (which is where the Reception was held at) and the guys got ready in another Suite, a couple of floors above. Caroline and Kevin wanted to do a “blind reveal” .. a moment where she gets to see him and talk to him but he wasn’t allowed to open his eyes. It was super cute!

After everyone was dressed and ready and a few random pictures the girls and I got into this awesome Trolly that took us to the College. It was a bumpy and fun ride!!

The Ceremony was beautiful and as you can see there were a lot of family members and friends witnessing it.

After the Ceremony and some Formal Photographs the entire Bridal party and myself hopped back into the Trolly and were off to the Reception at the Tremont Grande.

WOW, everything looked sooooooo amazing!

Apparently Will Smith and his wife were at the Tremont that same day, at another event. We were hoping he might poke his head in, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Hey, a girl can hope, right?

Caroline and Kevin had decided to hire a band instead of the DJ and they sounded awesome (please forgive me, I forgot the name of the band… yes I am ashamed!)

It also happened to be Caroline’s mom’s birthday and she was suprised with a little birthday cake.

The Reception rocked! Everyone was dancing, the dancefloor was crowded all night long. It was an AMAZING wedding!!

Caroline and Kevin, I love you guys, you are both so sweet and I can’t wait to see you back when you are expecting *wink* 🙂

I met Jen over a year ago at another wedding I was working. She was the bride’s hairdresser and I was thrilled when she contacted me about wedding photography for her own wedding shortly after!

Jen got ready at her parent’s house in Towson and from there we all drove downtown Baltimore to get to the venue (Douglass-Myers Maritime Park in Fells Point).
Wow, what a gorgeous venue. It seemed like nobody had ever heard of it and after seeing it I really wondered why. It is such a gorgeous place, right by the water with an attended parking area right next to it.

Jen and Justin saw each other before the Ceremony so we were able to get the Formals done before the wedding started.

The Coctail Hour happened the hour before the Ceremony, which I thought was a nice way for everyone to accumulate, relax and talk before starting the wedding. It also ensured that everyone was there!

I loved the way Jen had planned her Ceremony … she had a huge wreath made that was attached to the ceiling and they were married under it. Close Family members were sitting on chairs that were arranged in a circle around them and all other guest were standing around those chairs. It made a large wedding feel so intimate, it was gorgeous!

After the Ceremony, instead of walking out as husband and wife they went right into their first dance, in the middle of the circle. What a clever blend into the reception, I loved it!!!

Jen and Justin, congratulations to you both! I wish you a wonderful marriage with lots of love and laughter!

I talked about Paige before. I took her mommy’s maternity pics after which her water broke and she had beautiful Paige the very next day.

Well Paige is now already 19 month old and has just become a big sister. Her baby sister Ella was born only a week ago. Here a few of our session!

Cute little Mia!

July 13, 2010

Mia is the most adorable 2 year old little girl ever! I fell in love with her. She was such a Ham for the camera and so polite and well spoken. She really seemed to have fun in the park too and the water was definitely her favorite!!

Who is Megan… first of all, Megan is my friend. My very good friend. The kind of friend that just makes you laugh so hard you can’t help but snort. She is the type of person that just seems to run on 3 cans of red bull and a jar of candy at all times. She is the type of girl that shakes the governors hand with the words “ello gov’nor” (yes, she really did that!)

I love Megan! She is a breath of fresh air. So when she told me about that boyfriend of hers that was always deployed (military) I was curious to meet him. I finally got the chance when we did their engagement pictures and those two really are a great match. I was so excited for her and her upcoming wedding. Being her photographer and friend at the same time had me so excited but also super nervous.

Megan’s “something borrowed” was the pearl necklace and earrings that I wore at my wedding. I was sooooo honored!!! Since her “something old” was her great grandmas beautiful gold necklace, she wore my pearls as a bracelet.

The Ceremony was so beautiful and emotional. I don’t know who cried more, Megan or Chad, but between the two of them I think the tears could have watered my herb garden. Of course that made me cry too but luckily my camera is large enough to hide behind it 😉

We took the Formal pictures afterwards at the beach and it was a ton of fun. I tried to be nice and gentle with the very pregnant maid of honor but the rest of the bunch had to go through my cruel jumping routine 😉 Only nobody told me that Chad had broken a couple of ribs 2 days before the wedding!! I made him jump, run and he was even picked up by the bridesmaids… who dropped him! Whoops! Well I guess the ribs were already broken anyway, right? 🙂

Chad let Megan have pretty much free hand in decoration and color decisions. His only request was a pig roast. With Megan being a Vegan, this was a hard one for her, but she agreed. Of course now she had to kiss the pig, haha .. and so she did!!! She is such a great sport!

The morning after the wedding we met back up at the beach for a few Trash The Dress images in the ocean. It was a ton of fun. The waves came in quite strong and we were all soaked and laughing.

Megan and Chad, I wish you so much love and happiness and a loooong looong marriage.

Megan, me loves you lots!!

Below about half a million images, haha