If you have been following my Blog for a while you might remember the little guy that came to my studio a few month back, passed out in his carseat and we managed to get him out and onto my backdrop and he was STILL sleeping… through bright flashed and all.. he just slept peacefully.

Well, that little guy was Brayden and he came back for his 2 year pictures. And if I say two year pictures, I mean it. We did the session on his birthday! How awesome is that?


Landon is 6 month old. He is a special baby to me since I photographed his parents wedding, his newborn stage as well as his 3 month pictures. Seeing this little man grow up is exciting to me.

The 6-8 month age is my absolute favorite for baby pictures and I could hardly wait to take little Landon’s 6 month pictures.

O-M-G this child is such a character. He is moving non stop.. even though he doesn’t go anywhere yet, it is amazing how much he moves within his range.. and that with a constant HUGE smile and the funniest facial expressions.

Throughout the entire session I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks and my abs were hurting for the rest of the day. Thanks Landon for the best laugh in a long time!!

Catching Up …

August 25, 2010

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I have been crazy busy and haven’t really been so good at keeping up with my Blog. This entry is a collection of several past sessions that I have not yet gotten around to Blog. So here they are, Wedding, Senior, Children, Boudoir.. a bit of everything 🙂

Wow, I am so behind on my Blog. It’s been a crazy busy summer! I promise I will get back to keeping up with the Blog but for right now I just had to take a minute to show off Alexah. O – M – G .. seriously… I don’t think they come any cuter than that!! She is such a doll!

Tina and Matt picked….. drum roll…… Patapsco State Park! I think you guys know by now that I simply love that place!

It was a great day, nice and sunny but not so crazy hot …. perfect for the session. When we first got into the lake I asked jokingly if I can they a pic when one falls in. Matt happily agreed and then added “but only if she falls”

Wellllllll….. we finished the session at the Waterfall. I asked them if they could get from one side to the other or if the water was too deep. Matt replied that it’s no problem, he is tall. Turns out, that didn’t help him in this case.. he lost his balance and fell right in … while I did snap the shots. The poor guy had an audience of about 10 people out there too. He took it like a champ though.

After he was already wet he said now he didn’t care if he lays in the water or not.. haha.

Anyway, I asked him to sit on the tree log that came across the water and as he did, that broke down under him as well. At that point he didn’t even bother getting up anymore and Tina had a good laugh.

Thank You Matt for making a lot of people’s day and being such a good sport about it.

Tina and Matt, I can’t wait for your wedding day!!