Jaelyn is back!

October 24, 2010

This little munchkin has come to me since.. well.. since before she was born really. I saw here shaping her mommy’s belly, then the cuteness of her newborn self… growing into a 3 month old baby. From there into an adorable 6 month old little lady that’s sitting independently and now she is already 9 month old!!! I love this little girl, she is just soooooo adorable!!


I have a few brides that I just feel instantly close to, more like an old friend than a client. Lauren is one of these brides. She is so bubbly and easy to get along with, I love being around her.

A little while ago we did Lauren and Mike’s engagement pictures and I had a ton of fun with them. Mike was a great sport even though he really wasn’t all that thrilled about posing for the camera. I warmed him up for the big day though, haha

The wedding took place on October 9th at the Historic Kent Manor Inn on the Eastern Shore. I had come from my hotel in Leesburg, where I stayed after the wedding the night before and went straight over to the Eastern Shore. I wanted to make sure to get there early since I always worry about bridge traffic and made it there with plenty of time to spare. So I figured I’d stop somewhere for lunch. My GPS picked up a pizza place and I thought to myself “can’t go wrong with pizza, right?” WRONG. O-M-G .. it was this weird little hole in the wall where there was an elderly man working whom jumped on the chance to hit on me (they must not have many woman walking into that place). There was also a customer that worked next door in there that was right on board. Can you say uncomfortable?? I had my laptop with me because my original plan was to sit on a table and work while eating but I changed that plan quickly. 20 minutes later my slice of pizza was finally warmed up (yeah, I am pretty sure it wasnt an accident that it took this long). With my food in my hands I fled the place and sat in the trunk of my van a few stores down to eat. After a few minutes the owner (?) came out of the pizza place with a bag of chocolates, walking towards me. I was hoping he would walk past me – no such luck. He opened the bag with his teeth, stopped right in front of me … and dumped the frikkin bag of chocolates into my lab. Uhmmmmmm …. yeah I was done eating at that point and decided it’s time to leave. Can you say WEIRD???

Anyway, I went back to Kent Manor Inn and waited for the guys to arrive to take some pictures before the Ceremony.

Remember the Stinkbugs I mentioned at the last wedding? Well they didn’t have to worry about those but instead had the same amount of gnats. Everyone tried to keep talking to a minimum or your serving of protein that day was counted in gnats.

The guys made it there and we took some fun shots and then it was time for Lauren to arrive. We did some seperate shots with the girls (after which we each wore at least five spiderwebs) and after that it was time for the Ceremony to begin.

The Ceremony was gorgeous, tears, smiles and lots of sunshine (and gnats). Lauren looked sooooo gorgeous!

The Reception was equally awesome, lots of dancing and laughing. One of my favorite details of the reception was the cake topper. They had a figure made for their dog and I thought it was just so awesome to include the puppy in this way!!

Lauren and Mike, I wish you so much luck and happiness. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day. I had a wonderful time.

Lauren, you and Caroline have become such dear people to me!!

I have a confession to make …. I have never been to a vineyard. Yes, I love wine .. I mean looooove wine, but yet I have never made it to a vineyard… neither to a tasting nor to a wedding on a vineyard. Well that is until Joe and Jodi’s Wedding.

The two of them chose the beautiful grounds of the Blumont Vineyard near Leesburg, VA. I was excited to get there and see the place and WOW it exceeded all of my expectations. What a GORGEOUS view! And the perfect weather just made it so much more awesome.

The staples that the reception was in looked amazing as well. I just loved every single bit of it.

But let me wind back to the start of the day.

I arrived at their hotel in Leesburg to get some shots of the girls getting ready. Jodi was super calm and laid back.. that’s just the kind of person she is. I asked her for her shoes at some point as I wanted to do the detail shots and she responded she didn’t have any. And she sure meant it. Jodi got married bare foot. Yep, no shoes, no flip flops, nothing. The entire day – I thought that was pretty darn genius!

From here I drove up to the vineyards to meet the guys and get some shots of them before the Ceremony. As soon as I arrived I noticed the invasion of stinkbugs up there. There were about a million of them – and no, I am pretty sure I am not exaturating!

I had the guys all outside and we did some fun shots running and jumping. The thing that I didn’t know – the best man had the rings in his pocket… without the box. When he calmly claimed that he lost the rings, nobody would believe him.. after all he seemed really calm. Well, looks like he must have just done a great job hiding the fact that he was freaking out. He still had the grooms ring but the bride’s ring was missing. Can you say “oh sh*t” moment? Thankfully Joe found the ring pretty much immediately after we started searching. Whew!
The picture session could continue with all the stinkbugs surrounding us still. At one point, all of the guys facing the camera, one of those darn creepy crawlies decided to take a dive into my cleavage. Yeah.. right in front of the guys. Now it was my turn to do my best to hide the fact that I was freaking out and fish the sucker out of there. Talk about awful timing in addition to the fact that this was just seriously disgusting!

After all the excitement the Ceremony began and was just amazing. Seriously, it could not have been more perfect – the View, the Weather, the Tears, the Smiles!

The Reception was a ton of fun too, lots of dancing, drinking and laughing.

Jodi and Joe, thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding day. I had a great time and wish you guys so much love and happiness!

Little Ethan

October 14, 2010

Ethan is just 1 week old and was such a great sport during the photo session.

Kira and Quinn are some of the cutest twins I have seen. Quinn used to flirt with me the entire session in previous shoots.. this time he was unfortunately not so much in a picture mood. Turns out he was working on a fever, poor thing.

Kira amazes me, she speaks so clearly, you would think she is 4, not 2 1/2 .. you should hear her! Wow!

It’s always great to get the chance to take pictures of a couple as handsome as Krystal and Joey…. and it is especially awesome when that couple is as fun and comfortable with the camera as those two are!

We met at Downs Park on Columbus Day and just walked around for a while, snapping pictures in various places. The two of them also have a little one year old son that came along. He is tooooo cute!

You might remember Christina and Matt from my recent entry about their engagement pictures. Matt was the great sport guy that took a dive into the water and let me take pictures of it 🙂

I was excited to see them again on their wedding day, on September 25th, 2010.

The Ceremony was set to happen at St. Francis catholic church in Abingdon. The layout of the church was super nice.

After Christina and Matt lid the unity candle, they both blew out the parent candles … a symbolic elimitation of the family … whoooops! Quickly they re-lid them and the family was back in 😉

And hey, nobody fell into the little water filled “pool” next to the altar despite all odds!

After the Ceremony and the Formal photos, we all drove over to the Reception site at Beechtree Restaurant. The Restaurant sits on a Golf Course… or what used to be a Golf Course. But now it was a big construction zone for Ryan Homes. Bride and Groom and no idea.. when they booked it was still a Golf Course! Luckily we had done all the important shots by the church already so it wasn’t too much of an issue.
On a sidenote, the food from Beechtree catering is A M A Z I N G !!!!

Christina and Matt, I had a great time working with you guys!

Wedding and Poledancing

October 12, 2010

Jessica and Bryan got married on September 18th, 2010 at the Essex Rod and Gun Club.
The weather was gorgeous – perfect for the outdoor ceremony right by the water! Even the mosqitos stayed away for the most part!

The Reception took place in an outdoor tend, right next to the Ceremony site. It made for a gorgeous view once the sun set and all the lights of the tend were on.

Everyone had a great time, lots of laughing and dancing. At one point the main beam of the tend was turned into a pole … now that’s what I call a good time, haha!

Congrats Jessica and Bryan!

Travis is 7 weeks old and unfortunately suffers from a little bit of colic. Despite the tummy ache he was a trooper and did really well until the end of the session. And at that point we gave him some gripe water and within minutes he was sleeping like a baby (pun intended)

His big brother came along for the session and since he was already here I figured we might as well get him in on the fun. It was too cute when he tried to share his lollipop with his newborn brother!!

Sadie’s mommy came for maternity pictures a few weeks ago and I could hardly wait to meet the little one. Sadie is only 5 weeks old and such a little cutie!!