You might remember my friend Megan. She and Chad got married this past June in Ocean City Maryland. I posted pictures of her wedding as well as some of the TTD pictures that we did the next morning in the ocean.
I love Megan… as I mentioned in my previous Blog, she is a breath of fresh air. She is hyper and happy. She is the kind of person that will just make you laugh. She is always up for anything and always there for you. I am so happy that she found her soul mate, a man that laughs with her, goes along with the crazy things that pop up in her head, and even cooks for her … for now … she’s working on it. He even goes along with all of these pictures … not even giving up after Megan innocently threw a big iceball into his “family planning”. Now that’s a guy 😉

Megan originally wanted to do a TTD session in the snow. We did the one in the ocean as well … what can I say, we were already there, so why the hell not? hehe

It finally snowed and enough to stick around until the weekend … so we went out and did some more TTD pics. This time she wore another dress … a dress that she won and intended on getting married in but (thankfully) changed her mind (Muah Megan 🙂 )
So at least it came to good use now.
But Chad … well, poor Chad. Just keep in mind they were married in the middle of the summer on the beach. That’s what his pants were made and meant for. Now imagine him sitting in the snow with those pants. Whew… I had no doubt that he meant it when he said he can’t feel his butt. But once again he was a great sport!

Here ya go, Megs and Chad… another round of pics for you


Newborn cuteness x2 !

January 23, 2011

I was so surprised that these cuties are not identical twins. They sure look very much alike! WOW! Amelia and Evan are 7 weeks old, but were born at 34 weeks gestation.
I was so excited to do this session… it’s not too often that I get to photograph newborn twins.

These two are just so adorable. They did really well, taking turns in fussing some but always calmed back down. And whewwwww, Amelia can toot to make any guy jealous! Holy stinkys 🙂

I hope to see those little guys back as they grow bigger!

1 ??? Really????

January 17, 2011

OMG I can not believe that Jaelyn is already 1. Time flies! I took her mommies maternity pictures what seems like last month. Since then I have taken Jaelyn’s newborn pictures, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and today 1 year!!!
Jaelyn is such a sweet and beautiful girl with a great personality. And having watched her grown through all of these stages for the past year, gives her a special place in my heart.

I can only say it again.. there is no bigger honor to me than seeing my clients come back to me.. even more so, come back to me so often to document their children’s growth. I am so so grateful for my wonderful “client family”.

Happy Birthday Jaelyn!!! I can’t wait to watch you grow even bigger!

I met Becca this past summer when I took my son to his first set up private swim lessons. Becca happened to be his teacher. I liked her right away and was excited to hear that she was planning a wedding.
She has since the swim lessons also become a babysitter to my kids and we all love her.

Becca and Aaron met at work at the pool. Hey, what’s a better way to fall in love than seeing each other in swimsuits every day 😉

The wedding was planned for January 8th, 2011 at the Savage Mill Manor House. It was to be a small and cozy morning wedding, followed by a nice brunch.

I arrived at Savage Mill shortly after 8am. The girls were due to get there at 8.30am. Just as they made it there we saw the first snowflakes falling. Becca was very excited that it started snowing!

Becca’s friend did a nice job doing her hair and Make Up and Aaron’s mom was so helpful to everyone. She was there for Becca as well as for the guys, it was like she was 3 people in one! What a great mother in law Becca got herself there!!

The Ceremony went off without a hitch. Afterward we stepped outside into the cold for some Formal Photographs. By the time we got back in and the Bridal Party, Becca and Aaron were ready to eat, the buffet was half empty. Looks like “Putting on the Ritz” did an amazing job again!!

Becca and Aaron, I am very happy for you guys and wish you a long and happy married life! Let me know when I can drop off Luke, haha 🙂

Love You!

Faye and Mike got hitched!! And what a wedding it was! Their big day was January 7th, at the beautiful Great Room of Savage Mills.

Faye is such a humble girl, the kind of girl you just have to love. She is the faaaaar opposite of anything you could ever consider a “bridezilla”. To the point that she was walking out of her own wedding pictures because she thought she wasn’t supposed to be in them. I just love her.

When you meet Mike you will know instantly that him and Faye were a match made in heaven. They just seem so perfect for each other. Both so humble, yet sweet, honest and real. One of the sweetest couples you will ever meet.

The wedding was amazing. The Ceremony started at 7.30pm and was just perfect. After the Ceremony we took some fun Formal shots inside the mall of Savage Mill … I loved playing around with all the “props” the stores offered. One closed on us the moment we left.. wonder if they were trying to make a point.. whoops… but we got the shot, so whatever 🙂

The Reception was tons of fun, everyone danced and got silly. And O-M-G the food was heavenly!!! The caterer was “Putting on the Ritz” and I swear, every single thing they served was out of this world!

Faye and Mike, I wish you all the Best, so many wonderful years, children that are as amazing as you are and much much more. Congratulations!