I still remember back when I was little and people would come visit us and say “wow, you have gotten so big”. All I could think back then was ‘uhmmm, hello, have you looked at me? I am a midget in the making’ but let’em talk. Yeah, not much has changed, only that now I am one of those “people” that tell the kids how much they have grown. And they really do. Wow. If you don’t see a child for 6 month, it’s sometimes hard to believe that it is the same little one coming back to my house.

Little Miss Sadie is no exception. I took her newborn pictures 6 month ago and yesterday she came back for her 6 (almost 7) month pictures. Yeah, I can see how you can’t expect her to still be 21 inches long but still.

Sadie is just too cute! She has these huge blue eyes and most adorable little face. She is so happy and full of personality. I had a ton of fun taking her pictures and can’t wait to see her back when she is a year … and tell her how big she has gotten 🙂


Hey everyone,

I am back and working. This weekend I will be starting to take my first sessions since my surgery. I can’t wait to go back to work, I was going crazy doing nothing!!

Anyway, for the following dates I would like to offer a $50 introduction discount to new clients for all studio portrait sessions. That means the package would only be $100 instead of $150.

The dates that the discount applies to are:

– Wednesday, March 30th in the morning
– Thursday, March 31st in the morning
– Saturday, April 2nd
– Sunday, April 3rd
– Monday, April 4th in the morning
– Friday, April 8th in the morning

Spread the word, this is a great deal!

A beautiful gift!

March 14, 2011

Amy came to me for Boudoir pictures after finding my name on google. Her husband is deployed for the next few month and she wants to send him a care package with a very special gift. I am sure he will LOVE it!!

Amy is one of those girls that the rest of us are jealous of. Perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect skin. No wonder her mother put her into modeling classes when she was a teenager, but it wasn’t Amy’s thing.

I had a lot of fun with the session, and Amy was nice and easy to be around.. and I got permission to show some pictures here. Two Boudoir session in a row that I get to show, I am very excited!!! 🙂

Some of you may know that I had surgery last Thursday (a full Hysterectomy). First of all, I am doing well, the drugs are good and I apologize in advance if I write some nonsense down (like I said, the drugs are good) 🙂

Anyway, I am still open for business, I wont be able to do any actual photo sessions until the end of the month/early April, but I am able to respond email, edit the pictures that some of you are waiting for and also meet with you if you would like to chat about weddings.

So please don’t hesitate to continue sending in your requests, I am around 🙂

Funny hospital story on the side ….. my kids visited me in the hospital and my 6 year old saw the catheter (yeah gross) and asked what it is. So I explained it to him (in as little detail as possible). His response to sum it up:

“So, that tube is in your crotch.”

Too bad that laughing still hurts but good thing I couldn’t pee my pants laughing with said tube in my crotch 🙂

Back to work, hehe

I love Boudoir pictures. No matter what size or weight you are.. I think it is the best thing a girl can do for herself. Of course the significant other will enjoy it as well but I really do think it they hold the most value to you and just you. What girl doesn’t like to look and feel sexy? And it is amazing what just a little bit of retouching can do to our self esteem. There might be some dimples on our thighs that we hate.. those are easily removed and voila, you still look like you but minus the little thing that always bothers you.. that others most likely don’t even notice. You can finally see yourself the way others see you and for us girls, that’s huge!

Anyway … Sam was so much fun to work with. She wasn’t shy about the camera which is always amazing and she even allowed me to put some of the pictures up on my Blog … understandably I don’t get this opportunity often so thank you so much Sam, for letting me show these.

Sam had rented a room at the Gramercy Mansion for her and her 2 girlfriends. The plan was to first use it for the pics and then they made a girls night out of it. I thought the room was perfect for pics.
(I do have to say though.. if I ever hear about ghost stories at the mansion, I will believe them in a heartbeat!!!)

Anyway, below a few “tame” pics for the blog…

Poor Adelina is a 3 week old baby girl that’s dealing with colic. I know what her mommy is dealing with, my first born had the exact same thing. It is a trying time and a helpless feeling when your child cries so hard and you can not do anything to help.

She started the session good and then the tummy pain kicked in and she was having a really hard time. Running the vacuum cleaner helped for a while. After that mommy’s shushing sounds helped her fall asleep.

Despite all the crying, she is still such a cute little baby! I hope the colic wont last too much longer and she can enjoy her surroundings more .. and give her mommy some rest 🙂

Landon, oh Landon

March 7, 2011

I love Landon … for several reasons. I photographed his parents wedding and it is always neat to see my brides and grooms become parents. But I have also taken his pictures every 3 month since he was born. And last but not least.. he is just awesome. Soooooo handsome, such a cute personality and he makes me laugh with all his silly faces.

Landon is now 1 year old, I can hardly believe it!! When he came in yesterday for his pictures he was (for the first time since his newborn session) not all too thrilled about the whole thing. Good thing he loves my silly 6 year old and he seems to find my 3 year okd funny as well. So while my kids were making the silliest faces they can, while shaking their booties, Landon realized that this was fun after all. His cake he didn’t really find interesting, but who cares 🙂

Happy Birthday Landon, I love you!

Lillian and Nathan are two little cuties! Lillian is about to turn 4 and Nathan just turned 1. Both of them are very tall, I would have guessed them both a year older easily! Another thing they have in common: The most beautiful bright blue eyes! WOW!

The plan was to get some family pictures done, as well as some siblings pictures and then each child’s birthday pictures.

Nathan was at first not so sure about the whole picture thing. He didn’t cry but he just looked around as if he was trying to make sense of everything that was going on. Eventually he warmed up to it and ran around like a pro…. and fell like a pro …
Down he went, somehow managed to get a bloody lip but got right back up and smiles huge with blood smeared all over his mouth. What a trooper!

Liam is 2 weeks “old” and such a good baby. He slept through the entire session as long as we didn’t try to put him on his tummy. I’ll take that as a trade off 🙂

I think most of you know that I was born and raised in Germany. I came to the US in May 2003 after marrying my husband who was then stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.

Anyway, I am an only child, the only one from my family here and I miss them greatly! Most of all I feel so guilty that they can’t see their grandchildren grow up in a way that grandparents should be able to. I know it is hard on them.

I was very excited that my mom and her girlfriend were able to come this year again .. and even more excited that it was a blizzard free visit (you never know after that last crazy winter!!!)

It was a wonderful visit and I am so sad they are gone again .. but the pictures will be a great memory of a great visit!

My boys love their “Oma”