Bundle of Joy !!

April 28, 2011

May I introduce to you: Baby Shaun Junior. He is 11 days old and just PERFECT! Look at his beautiful face, he is soooo cute!
He was a perfect angel during the session. The only time he got upset he was just hungry – boy was he hungry! But once his little tummy was all filled up he was back to his sleeping cute self.

Oh and let me tell you.. that kid can pee! In 95% of my newborn session a pee without diaper happens, that’s part of it. Well, this little guy set a new record: 4 times!!.. and two of those straight up into his face. Sucks to be a boy (well until they are old enough to pee standing up, then I get jealous, hehe)

Kerry and Shaun, once again Congratulations to the birth of your beautiful bundle of joy!!


Love is in the air …

April 27, 2011

I met with Mary and Paul in Fells Point, Baltimore to do their engagement photos. The two of them are such a handsome couple and so much fun to be around. We had a great time walking all over Fells Point, chatting and taking pictures.

My favorite part of the day was when Mary told me she was Filippina and I mentioned that my husband was Filippino as well. Her first question was “Is he crazy too???”. – I am still laughing!!! I am sorry, I think only those of you with Asian descent might understand why this is so funny but just trust me, it is 🙂

Mary and Paul, I wish you guys all the Best!!

A Red Carpet Affair!!

April 25, 2011

Wow, what a way to celebrate a 16th birthday. Loryn’s mom went all out, creating a Red Carpet Themed Sweet 16 party for her. Not only did she have a perfectly decorated room, a life size Edward, an amazing cake, buffet, ice cream bar, personalized ballons, DJ and photographer …. she also had her own Limo taking her to the event.

Happy Birthday Loryn, I hope you had a blast at your amazing party!

Ashley and Alexandra are 3 year old twin girls. Last year around the same time I took their pictures for the first time at Sherwood Gardens, I also saw them back for Christmas. Now they just turned 3 years old and it was blooming time at the Gardens again so we scheduled another appointment to take their pictures in the mids of all the beautiful tulips! I think the flowers looked even more beautiful this year than last!!

Ashley and Alexandra are so adorable and full of personality. The most amazing thing to me is that both of them have one favorite color, the same color for as long as I have known them and unusual colors for girls. Ashley’s color is orange and Alexandra’s color is red.
Most kids change their favorite color at least once a week, at least in that age, but not the two of them.
And we were lucky… this year most of the tulips were orange and red!! Perfect!

Happy Birthday Ashley and Alexandra!!

You will probably remember my “speech” about how sexy confidence can be. Well Ashley is another great example for this.
Ashley was SO much fun to work with. Not only was she extremely confident but she was also silly and not afraid to play around with poses and facial expressions. Some of the best images came out of that. Heck, she even got me to blush at some point and let me tell you, that doesn’t happen too often 🙂

Ashley, thank you so much for a super fun session and for letting me show off your pics

Little Ethan is already 6 month old, I can hardly believe it! I was excited to see him back! In combination with his 6 month pictures the timing was just right for Easter Pictures as well. And finally my bun Harry was able to show his gentle nature.
I expected all kinds of things to go wrong… like Ethan wanting nothing to do with him, the rabbit turning away from him, trying to run …. none of that happened. Instead they were “fighting” over a bunny treat. A carrot treat that I brought to keep the rabbit interested – just as he was about to nibble on it, Ethan took it and took a bite himself. Poor Harry just starred at him like he saw a ghost, haha

Boudoir pictures are amazing. Not only is it a wonderful, intimate gift to your partner, but it is also a great ego booster for yourself and something you will always want to look back on as the years pass (we don’t get any younger…)

At the same time we tend to be nervous to get them taken… Thoughts like “almost naked in front of a stranger?” .. “but I don’t feel like I can pull of a sexy look” … “I have no clue how to pose” and most of all .. “I feel to fat for this”

To respond to all of these doubts… it is my job to make you feel comfortable.. and hey, I am a girl too, there is nothing I haven’t seen anyway 🙂
You don’t always have to look smokey sexy in Boudoir images.. every girl has their own way of looking sexy, for some it is looking cute, others have an amazing smile.. others again just have these lucious lips.. everyone has something and that is what will make you look sexy in your pictures.
You don’t have to know how to pose, I will help you!!!

And now to the body …. beautiful doesn’t have to be a size 2 .. as a matter of fact, some of the most beautiful Boudoir images come out of curvier sizes. Everyone is beautiful. And it is my job to highlight the beauty in you.

Confidence is beautiful! And Suzie is one of these confident woman! I loved taking her pictures, she was bubbly and so much fun. Suzie, thank you for letting me show my Blog readers some of your images!

Full House !

April 6, 2011

This family took advantage of my discount days that I offered recently. With three children they sure are a busy family. Isabelle, Simon and Tyler were a lot of fun to photograph. Posing them together was interesting with a case of the “sibling cooties” 🙂 But they did great and we got some fun shots

Maybe you followed this family’s story. I did Danielle’s maternity pictures and she ended up going into labor about an hour after the session. Only a week later she was back with baby Paige. Since then I have taken Paige’s pictures several times and then her baby sitter came along.. Ella. She is such a cutie, just like her big sister.. and both are as beautiful as dolls.

This session was hilarious (to me, not so much to mommy maybe). First Ella freaked out, then Paige did. In between the two of them we got some hilarious action shots. I love it.