I absolutely LOVE taking newborn pictures. I am aware that 90% of the time they are ticked off and cry and that they will pee on my backdrops and props.. but all of that is part of the fun. So whenever I get contacted about newborn TWIN pictures, I am extra happy!

Quinton and Henry are 10 day old twin boys and oh so cute!! Henry is totally laid back and couldn’t have cared less about any of the session. Quinton is a bit more easy to tick off so he was awake more than Henry was, but we even got him to fall asleep for a while as well. I was so excited that these guys cooperated so well.

And their big sister – WOW! I love that girl. She is 12 years old and was soooo good with these babies. She held them like a pro, they calmed down in her arms, she was super helpful and so polite! What an awesome kid!

Below some images of these cutesie twin boys. Can’t wait to see them grow up!!


It is time for a new contest!! This time I am giving away a free Mini – Boudoir Session. Included are Make Up, 3 outfit changes and digital negatives.

Here what you have to do ….. I want to know why you want to do Boudoir pictures. But please don’t tell me in words… tell me with a picture. The more creative, the better.
Think up a scene that displays why you want Boudoir pictures, create it, snap it and email it to me at Jenni@forever-yesterday.com

Deadline is Sunday, June 26th.

Monday, June 27th all images will be loaded on Facebook. To vote you will need to like my Facebook Page (Forever-Yesterday Photography) and just click “like” on the photo. Comments are welcome but will NOT count as a vote so make sure to “like” the picture.

To run the contest I need a minimum of 4 entries but I am sure that won’t be a problem.

If you have friends that have been wanting to do Boudoir pictures… tell them to enter!! I can not wait to see what you guys come up with.

Graduation time!!

June 18, 2011

Tierney has been my “mothers helper” during one summer a few years ago. She is the daughter of my sons’ preschool teacher and I can’t believe that she is already a High School Graduate! Her passion is Lacrosse … she played all through High School and will continue on a even more serious level in college. How exciting!!

She decided to do some Graduation pictures in my studio but I took her out for a few shots in the field as well. Part of her outfit choice was her Prom Dress … well maybe it was her mom’s outfit choice, but anyway … the prom dress had to be paired with an amazing pair of shoes. And amazing they were … amazingly expensive… hehe. But oh so cute! Knowing Tierney though she well deserved these shoes!

Congrats Tierney! Keep up the great work!

Do you know those days were everything just works out perfectly? Every detail, every move, even the weather? If one of those days happens to be your wedding day, it’s a dream come true!

Tyler and Ann were one of those lucky couples. The wedding took place on June 11, 2011 at Swan Harbor Farm. A gorgeous venue and extremely handsome couple… that’s already perfect in itself. But on top of that, the weather worked out sooooo well! There were storms going around the area (but not where we were) bringing a super nice mild breeze to us. It was so comfortable to be outside during the Ceremony.
The light, temperature and overcast skies were PERFECT for pictures and the only time it rained (well poured) was an hour before end of the reception, so nobody really cared anyway… they were just dancing away under the tent.

Ann and Tyler, it was such a honor to be part of your big day. I loved every second of it and wish you all the Best for the future.

I am sorry, there is about a million pictures below… I tried to cut it down but had a hard time choosing.

I met Stacey and Ryan quite some time ago when I shot Stacey’s friend’s wedding at the Boumi Temple. When they contacted me about their own wedding was I was excited but also very honored.

We did a fun engagement session last fall in Patapsco State Park and it was lots of fun. Stacey seems like a quiet shy person but she is sneaky and some of the things that she says or do just have me cracking up because they are so unexpected. Her and Ryan are such a cute match!

The wedding day (May 29, 2011) was a GORGEOUS sunny day. This was extra exciting as we had just gotten past a month or so of constant rain. The wedding took place at the Vandiver Inn in Havre de Grace, Maryland .. what a nice venue!!

I was in love with Stacey’s idea for Centerpieces. They were completely edible!! Flowers made of cupcakes.. how awesome is that???

When it was about time to cut their cake, the DJ, Wedding Planner and I took bets … they said she will smash the cake, I said she won’t. Let me just say good thing we didn’t bet for money … oh boy did I loose. Not only did they both smash.. she went after him 3 times and massaged it into his face, up the side of his head. 🙂

Stacey and Ryan, congratulations to you guys! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful!