Raina – all smiles!!

July 29, 2011

Little Miss Raina is 3 month old and LOVES to smile. She gave me so many smiles during the session, I stopped counting. She made my heart melt!
I was so excited to finally get to use my brand new prop. Isn’t that couch awesome?


It’s my favorite family! You all probably remember my favorite little boy client Landon. I could just eat him up. Well now it wasn’t just him but also his parents, his aunt and uncle with his cousins and grandparents .. the whole family. I love this entire family, everyone is so nice and fun and make me feel warm and fuzzy and welcome to be with them.

We decided to go to Centennial Park in Columbia and it was a beautiful but hot day. I’d say that everyone started melting away about 5 minutes into it, but we had fun none the less. The kids were a blast! While we were out there I also took some separate pictures of Mia and her little brother Cole. Mia must be what heaven had in mind when they created angels. Just look at her, she is sooooooo beautiful!!!

Leah and Seth !

July 26, 2011

I absolutely love it when clients come back to me over and over again. Not only is it the greatest honor and compliment I could be given, but it also allows me to watch the children grow up and capture every stage. I love going through my drive in the computer and look back on some of the older images, comparing to what the kids look like now. Did I mention I love my job???

Leah is one of those little ones that has been coming to me for a while now … and this year she has become a big sister! Seth is now 8 month old and I already took his newborn pictures. I was excited to see him back …. what a cute little guy with the biggest eyes ever!

Happy Birthday Violet!

July 26, 2011

Violet is such an amazingly beautiful little girl! Black curly hair, the most adorable face and big brown eyes. And a sweet personality to match her outside. I am in love!
This little cutie just turned 1 year old! We were able to get Violet’s older sister Olivia into some shots as well (she is just as pretty as her baby sister!).

The end of the session was marked by the traditional cake smashing pictures. Most children aren’t quite sure about the messy hands, most end up crying. I think so far Paige and Ella (see previous Blog) have been the messiest. Well not anymore!
Violet meant business. Serious business. The hand went deep into the icing and before she even ate it, she made sure to rub it nicely into her skin. Pretty much all over. Then it was time to dig in. When the sugar rush kicked in, she proceeded to rub icing all over the plexiglass sheets she sat on and then tried to crawl away. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S, considering she wasn’t going anywhere because the glass was so slimy that even though she was crawling, she stayed in one spot.

It was awesome! I think she was having a great time with it, haha!

Happy Birthday Violet!

Hi there Seth

July 24, 2011

Meet Seth. He is a super adorable 15 month old little man. He was such a ham and so much fun to be around. When I see little guys like that come to my studio I always look back to when my boys where that age. It’s crazy how fast they grow up!

Happy Birthday Ella !!

July 24, 2011

Is she really 1? How in the world is this possible? It seems like yesterday that I took Danielle’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Paige. She went into labor hours after the session and was back a week later with baby Paige.
It also seems like yesterday that I took Paige’s 1 year pics, had her smash her cake.
It seems impossible that her baby sister Ella is now already one year old … yet here she is!!

Both of these girls are so beautiful, just look at them!

Jaelyn is getting big!

July 19, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe that Jaelyn is already 18 month old!! I have been taking her pictures every 3 month since she was a newborn and even did maternity pictures for her mommy. It is so much fun to watch a little client grow up.

Jaelyn is such a princess. She is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see her again in a few month!!

Linda and David were married on July 2nd, surrounded by their family. It was a nice and intimate wedding in a small church in Bethesda, MD. I was only there for the Ceremony and some Formal pictures but I had a wonderful time being part of this laid back and beautiful wedding.

Linda and David, I wish you guys a wonderful marriage!!!

Ok.. that title didn’t sound right.. did it? I mean the Jeanie thing… rub the bottle and the Jeanie comes out.. only a baby in this case? Yeah, I know, I know.. I am not funny.

Aaaaanyway… I am so excited for Danielle and Rob. It feels like yesterday (but I think it was actually 3 years ago) that I tool their engagement pictures (there is a funny snake story to tell by the way.. haha) ….. and here they are … happy and expecting a baby girl.

Danielle looks awesome pregnant.. all belly and no stretch marks. So lucky!!! I can not wait to see that little one. Which brings me back to rubbing it… she has to come out before I leave for Germany on August 9th!! I believe her due date is August 5th.

Juliana is Avery’s sister. And Avery is one of the most gorgeous little girls that I have ever met. I have been taking her pictures for about 3 years now and have become friends with their mommy.

When Juliana came along with was delighted to now have two gorgeous little girls to cuddle and take pictures of. Juliana is soooooo cute. A little chubby baby and I can not resist chubby babies. It does not get any cuter than that! I mean, just look at her … both of them!

And by the way … Avery will one day be cast into a TV show or commercial.. I just know it. Look at pretty Miss Confident!

Smootches to both of them!