Mia is the 4 month old daughter of my friend Tanja (also part of the group you saw in the wedding pictures). Tanja is so tiny and skinny…. while Mia is a little chunker with more rolls than you can count (well almost). How that baby fit into Tanja’s tiny belly.. I will never know. But Mia is so so cute! OMG just look at her when she makes those silly faces. She is adorable!

We did not really have much time or a special location to get the pictures done as there was a storm rolling in, but I am glad we got at least a few done.

I am so sad that this was already the last session I got to do on my trip here. I wish I could stay a while longer, but I miss my family, friends and wonderful clients in the US as well.

Now let’s see if Irene allows me to fly back on Sunday 🙂

I will miss all of you guy here in Germany so much!


You may remember my recent blog post about a maternity session where I mentioned that we all hoped that baby Bridget would make her appearance before I left for Germany.
Well, we lucked out, she did!!! One day before I left I got to meet her and take her pictures at only 5 days of age. She is such a beautiful little thing and so alert! Look for yourself!

I think most of you know that I was born and raised in Germany. As life goes… you meet many people along the way, many of them stay in your life for a while and then leave again. But there are also those few friends that stay – no matter what. And I am lucky enough to be able to say I have a few of those friends back here in Germany.

Let me start with Nina (she is the skinny tall girl with very long brown hair). I have known her since we were babies. She has been my neighbor through all of my childhood. There are so many pictures of us in sandboxes and during kids birthday parties… even trips to France that we did together. Once we started elementary school, Holger came into the picture. We all went to the same school, the same after school activities, the same playgrounds. We grew up together.
Fun story on the side .. I even “dated” Holger … for a whole 30 minutes … when we were like.. uhmmm.. 13? We went to McDonalds, I asked if he wanted to be my boyfriend, he said yes – we both thought “oh sh´t, now what”. We walked to the bus, drove home and I called him right away with the words “maybe we should forget the whole thing”. His reply “I think so too”. Yeah, that´s our story.

Over the years it became pretty clear that Holger was interested in men .. I think we may have known it before he was even aware but none of us ever thought about it twice. Who cares? Holger is Holger and he is awesome.

During my last visit to Germany this past December, Nina mentioned that Holger and his boyfriend are talking about getting married over the summer. Nina jokingly mentioned that it would be too cool if I could fly in to be their surprise photographer.

I couldn´t stop thinking about that idea and decided that I wanted to do it, no matter what. So I booked my ticket, not even 4 weeks later. We couldn´t keep it a surprise but it was exciting none the less.

Now I am in Germany, the wedding was this past Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was amazing.

The Ceremony was held at the Courthouse in SaarbĂĽcken – our hometown. Holger´s sister in law sang several songs and I don´t think there was a dry eye in the room. It was so beautiful. After a brief coctail hour outside of the courthouse, everyone went to the reception site, called “Linslerhof”.

Holger and his brand new husband Martin had such an amazing day planned. There was coffee and cake, then there was pony riding for the kids and even a bird show with owls and falcons (yes, I did get to hold one… proof in the pictures below) as well as a pig roast, a band and the most amazing food I have tasted in a long time!

In good German tradition it was a late night. There Ceremony had started at 11.15am and we left the reception by about 2am … I think the last people left around 4am. Now that´s a party 🙂

This entire trip was so amazing for me. Being surrounded but these amazing friends… friends that I have shared a lifetime with! Having everyone come together .. it was truly one of the happiest moments I have had in a while.

Holger and Martin, I love you guys so much and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! I am so so glad that I was able to not only be part of the day, but to also capture this special time for you.

Tanya and Joseph were married on July 30th, 2011 at the beautiful Liriodendron Mansion

It was a gorgeous day and Tanya looked so beautiful! I mean .. so beautiful that she could have just walked out of a bridal magazine. And to make it extra awesome for me… she is a natural poser! Her and the camera must be best friends! Her daughter is just as gorgeous! Look at her!

The wedding was gorgeous. Full of tears and emotions. Tanya’s daughter, the junior bridesmaid was in tears during the entrie ceremony, it was adorable!

This was definitely one of those weddings were even I was holding back tears. Absolutely beautiful!

Joseph had an awesome surprise up his sleeve for Tanya. He had secretly taken dance lessons and recorded the most hilarious video about it which he played at the Reception. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. What an amazing gift to his new bride!

Tanya and Joseph are now in California, starting their new life together! I wish you guys the best of luck and so much happiness!

I met Caitlin several month ago after I already photographed two of her friends’ weddings. When she emailed me to let me know they chose me to be their wedding photographer, I was super excited.

Caitlin and Justin are a super sweet, easy going couple and their entire family and friends are just as amazing. It was an honor to be part of their special day.

The wedding date was July 22nd of 2011. A very VERY hot summer day … but yet so perfect.

Caitlin and Justin, I had a great time working with you guys and wish you so much love and happiness for the years to come!!