Quentin and Henri are 6 month old twins … and oh so cute! You might remember them from their newborn session together with their awesome big sister Malina.
I was excited to see the family back.. the twins are getting so big! Can’t wait to see them again!


Christopher was exactly one week old at the day of the session. He was being sooooo good! All he ever wanted was my little space heater pointed at him and he was as happy as a clam (makes me wonder though.. who says clams are happy? .. anyway…)

Christopher has an awesome big brother, Tyler. He was very patient during the session and even held his baby brother like a pro for a few shots!

Avery turned 4 in late October and Juliana just recently turned 1. These two beautiful girls just know how to ham it up for the camera. Avery throws poses like no other and Juliana is full of smiles. So much fun these two, I tell ya!!

Samuel’s parents are friends of my husband and I. We haven’t seen them in quite some time and seeing little Samuel again I could hardly believe how big he is. Not only because he is already 3 years old, but also because he is very tall for a 3 year old. But a handsome little fella that’s for sure!

And Samuel’s Blog marks my 260th Blog post. Working towards 300 now 🙂

It is so much fun to see my little clients grow up. I love watching how one time they still have the cue baby look about them and the next time they look like big boys or girls.

Little Jackson has turned into a little boy. He is so adorable just as always. Hard to believe that he was IN that fire helmet during his first session here!!

Natalia … her name is just like her: Beautiful through and through. This little girl is a princess. I loved her and the little winkle nose she made when she smiled. So adorable!!

Chara and Mikayla are not only stunningly beautiful but they also know how to strike a pose. Chiara, the older one, was very careful about laying out her dress just perfectly and looking all cute. Mikayla just had to poses down, head tilted, chin down, eyes open.. holy cow! Can you say models in the making???

Their mommy is expecting baby #3 … at 7 month pregnant she is hardly showing .. and that with the third baby … crazy, I know!!

The last time I saw little Adeline, she was only 4 weeks old. Now she is already 10 month old and not so little anymore. What a cutie she has become!!

Meet Brandon !

December 9, 2011

Little Brandon is one of those babies that make me especially happy to get to see and photography because I already photographed his parents wedding. I mentioned before what an honor this is to me.

Brandon is 2 weeks old but wow, developmental wise and just by looking at him, he could easily pass for 4-5 weeks. He is big, alert, lifts his head quite a lot and just appears so much older than 2 weeks. He is such a cute little man!

Hey, it’s more picture soup … this time showcasing little Juliana, a sweet sweet little girl with beautiful soft black curls,
baby Mason, a oh so handsome 6 week old little boy, siblings Matthew and Mary… the silly ones and then there is Sophie the little sassy princess. Santa will be good to them I am sure 😉